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Wizards and treasure hunting

Hello! How was your summer?

Geometric food illustration susanna rumiz

What's on my desk:

I've just come back from my summer vacation and it's already September! New exciting projects are waiting for me, it's time to plan my schedule for this fall ;)

What's on my kindle:

I'm currently reading the second book of 'The Kingkiller Chronicle': 'The wise man's fear' (sequel to 'The name of the wind').

It's so good! The novel is told by Kvothe, the magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen. A high-action story written by Patrick Rothfuss.

What's on my podcast list:

Are you a storyteller? Writing Excuses is the podcast for you. I've found it so interesting and useful even if I'm not a writer! Highly recommended.

What's on my app store:

If you're a fan of treasure hunting, you should try the Geocaching App! It's so fun!

What's in my shop:

I'm making some Halloween decorations that soon will be available in my shop. Stay tuned, after that I'm planning to do new products for the Christmas season.

Have a lovely weekend!!


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