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Hi, I'm Susanna, a freelance illustrator based in Italy.

I've been working in the creative industry for the past 10 years, creating illustrations for children's books, games, magazines, and motion graphics.

I'm always interested in exploring new and exciting creative markets and working with clients all around the world!

I'm a bit of a color nerd. I'm always looking for the perfect color combination, so wherever there are fun characters to draw or color palettes to play with, I'm in!

When I'm not drawing, I read tons of books, grow jungles on my balcony, and collect other people's shopping lists.


MezzoLab - Usborne - Quarto Publishing - What On Earth Books - Simon&Schuster - Auzou - AARP - SisterMag - Caterpillar Books - Crayola - Giunti Editore - Pearson - Bao Publishing - Tekman Education - Storytime Magazine - Scholastic

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