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Chasing the ISS


DIY maze editorial illustration

What's on my desk:

I've started doing some experiments with the linocut printing technique. It's so easy and gives me an instant result without the need for special tools or large spaces. For now, I bought a basic set of carving tools and colors for printing on paper. Let's see what comes out ;)

What's on my kindle:

Last month I watched the tv show 'Good Omens' and it was so good that I have immediately started reading the book! Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's writing style is brilliant!

What's on my podcast list:

Since I've started selling prints on Etsy, I'm listening to The Business of Making Podcast. If like me you are new in the online selling world, on this podcast you will find tons of useful information!

What's on my app store:

Finally, I've found an app that gives me names and info of every star, planet, constellation, satellite, space station that is floating out there! It's called Sky Map for Android or Night Sky for iOS. Point the screen to the sky and say Hello to the ISS!

What's in my shop:

Many of you let me know how much you love my fan art of Good Omens and Stranger Things. So I make them available in my Etsy shop!


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