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Dinosaurs & Unicorns: down the creative rabbit hole

children's illustration of animals riding scooter, skateboard and rollerskate in space

This project was commissioned by Nextsport, which sells a range of wheeled sporting products for kids and adults. The company wanted to create a series of children's illustrations featuring dinosaurs and unicorns for a toddler's scooter.

The project: We focused on two main topics: the unicorn/rainbow theme and the animal/dinosaur theme. This project was so much fun, Nextsport's trust in my creativity allowed me a lot of freedom in the art direction!

Children's illustration of dinosaurs going for a car ride and having fun
children's illustrations and doodles of animals
children's illustrations and doodles of animals and dinosaurs doodles

The process: For this project, taking time for the initial research phase was crucial.

A brief that gives me a lot of freedom is an excellent opportunity to unleash creativity. Still, it can also lead me down a rabbit hole of reference searching and color palette testing!

When the project scope is not entirely defined, I usually brainstorm and create a mood board to share with the client. That will make it easy to narrow down a couple of topics to explore during the sketching process.

children's illustration of unicorn on pink background and girly doodles
children's illustrations and doodles of flamingo riding a scooter
children's illustrations and doodles of unicorns surfing and skating

Would you like to include illustrations in your project? Let's talk about it!

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