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Doodle illustrations for Sanostol's social media content

In collaboration with sisterMAG Studio, which took care of the project's graphic design and art direction, I designed this series of doodle illustrations for Sanostol's social media content.

doodle illustrations for social media content

We worked on a list of topics divided into seasonal themes that will be used for Sanostol's online marketing throughout the year.

The client wanted to add movement to the illustrations, so I created simple GIFs using the Adobe Fresco animation tools. I worked in tandem with the agency, which provided the graphic layouts and product pictures.

For each topic (Carnival, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Winter), we finalized 6 assets, 4 of which were animated.


seasonal doodle illustrations inspired by autumn


seasonal doodle illustrations inspired by Halloween


seasonal doodle illustrations inspired by Christmas


➡ Would you like to include illustrations in your project?

Let's talk about it! Send me an email to 📩  


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