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Two years ago, we started working on this huge project for Tekman Education.

The project includes 35+ illustrated books, a series of board games, and posters that children in primary school will use to learn Spanish and Catalan.

Every book is like a school newspaper written by five main characters who, through the pages, learn exciting things and grow up together.

6 years old children character design illustration susanna rumiz

Scheduling and organization have been vital when working on such a complex project. Delegating was also an important lesson I had to learn!

I'm so glad I involved a couple of colleagues who helped me with the coloring process.

My perfectionist brain usually wants to do everything by itself, but thanks to this project, I finally learned that having a great team of people who work well together is much more effective and fun!

primary school Children's books illustration

Here's a bit of the work in progress:

the very first version of the 5 main characters, a couple of sketches and two of my favorite board games!


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