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What's going on: June 2019

boy reading on flower editorial illustration susanna rumiz

So happy we're finally having some sunny days and warmer temperatures!

What's on my desk:

I've just finished working on two new books: one will be published by What On Earth and the second by Merlin Publishers. Can't wait to show some of the illustrations and character designs!

I'm working on a new series of editorial illustrations for my portfolio, you will see a lot of new stuff coming up in the next months!

The crowdfunding campaign for SYNTH/org is running right now!!

It's a sci-fi comics anthology all about synthetic life, artificial intelligence and androids, created by Attaccapanni Press. I'm taking part in the project with a short story ;) Check the crowdfunding page to see a preview.

What's on my kindle:

Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson. (I'm currently devouring everything written by him)

What's on my podcast playlist:

Hurry Slowly hosted by Jocelyn K. Glei

Have a lovely month!



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