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Showcasing diversity in my illustrations

"Together People Making Change" is a book written by Abbie Rushton and published by Oxford University Press.

Book cover illustration with chain of people marching for their rights

When the editor from OUP reached out to commission the illustrations for this project, I was excited at the chance to draw about people who made their voices heard and created significant changes throughout history that improved the society in which we live today.

Illustration of 1800s women discussing women's right to vote
illustration of a diverse group of people marching for their rights

Recently, drawing people has made me more conscious of my biases and assumptions. I'm talking about societally ingrained biases about race, gender, and more. We're all limited by our own experiences and tend to represent things that are familiar to us.

illustration of a group of people marching with signs in protest

Showcasing diversity in my illustrations, changing my biases, and moving away from stereotypes is always a work in progress. Working on this book was an opportunity to address my assumptions and produce better, more inclusive work.

illustration of children voting in school

There are times when I question my attempts at inclusion, wondering if they feel forced. I often find myself staying in a safe space, drawing the culture I know.

It's a challenge, but one that I'm committed to overcoming!

illustration of a diverse group of people marching for their rights

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